As technology advances, Ascent Family Dental can provide continuously improved care for our patients. These innovative developments enable us to identify oral concerns earlier, maximize your comfort, and significantly speed up the recovery process.

If you undergo an oral exam or procedure at Ascent Family Dental, Dr. Williams may use one or more of the following cutting-edge technology:

Intra-Oral Camera

The intra-oral camera is a discrete, painless device used during routine dental exams. Dr. Williams uses this technology to visualize your entire mouth—even those hard-to-reach areas that the human eye may miss ordinarily. It features a very small camera on the tips of a wand approximately the size of a toothbrush.

While you are awake and comfortable in our office, you will open your mouth just as you would for a dental exam. We will use the intra-oral camera to explore your teeth and oral tissues. As the camera is inside your mouth, the image that the camera sees is projected onto a screen, allowing Dr. Williams to visualize everything in greater detail.

The intra-oral camera can capture still images as well. These images are always saved in your medical record for later reference. Should you move to another location and visit a local dentist there, they can refer to these high-quality images rather than relying on written records. This advanced technology enables you to enjoy consistent, optimal dental care, as well as several other benefits.

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Digital X-Rays

Dental radiographs have been a mainstay diagnostic in dental practice, but the technology behind x-ray images continues to improve. The amount of radiation emitted with each image has reduced dramatically, and the image quality is significantly more detailed.

With digital x-rays, Dr. Williams can capture and review images of your teeth, roots, and jaw nearly instantaneously. This diagnostic method is necessary as a preventive measure and can also diagnose a number of different oral concerns, including root decay, malocclusion, abscess, problematic wisdom teeth, among others.

Considering the amount of natural and artificial radiation patients are exposed to on a daily basis, the minimal amount of radiation used during dental radiographs does not outweigh the tremendous diagnostic benefits. Ascent Family Dental takes every precaution possible to ensure our patients and staff remain protected during dental x-rays.

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 Soft Tissue Laser

When the soft tissue components of your mouth require small corrections, the soft tissue laser provides you with the most effective and advanced technology. The soft tissue laser is designed to manipulate the soft tissues of the mouth gently. It can be used in cosmetic dentistry as a method to reshape gums or as a tool used during oral surgery.

Compared to the use of a traditional scalpel, the soft tissue laser has a number of powerful benefits. It does not traumatize surrounding tissues, enabling patients to enjoy reduced inflammation, reduced pain, and a much more rapid recovery. The laser’s ability to cauterize blood vessels as it moves through tissues means patients experience little to no bleeding following their procedures. For those who are sensitive to dental sounds, the soft tissue laser is a quiet and comfortable option.

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Hard Tissue Laser

The hard tissue laser allows Dr. Williams to use laser energy to gently and comfortably address hard tissue components of the mouth. This ultra-precise device enables our team to preserve healthy tooth and bone material while removing potentially damaged or decayed areas. This innovative tool is used in scenarios such as dental fillings and treating tooth sensitivity.

The hard tissue laser is so detailed that its use often does not require any dental numbing. With a more comfortable experience and rapid recovery, Ascent Family Dental is pleased to offer this advanced technology to our valued patients.

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The Wand

For those procedures that do require local anesthetic, Ascent Family Dental offers the innovative Wand. The Wand is a thin, narrow device that allows Dr. Williams to numb a specific gum and tooth area. Rather than leave the dental office with an entirely numb face for a simple procedure, our patients can experience a pain-free experience with minimal numbness.

The Wand gently releases small drops of the numbing agent as it enters the gum tissue, giving patients a comfortable experience even through the numbing process. Only the area of interest is numbed—Dr. Williams can numb even a single tooth if indicated! This allows patients to remain comfortable throughout their procedure without absorbing more local anesthetic than necessary.

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Ascent Family Dental can create and adhere customized bridges and crowns in a single visit with revolutionized dentistry methods. CAD-CAM technology allows our team to procure digital scans of your mouth in-office, then create customized dental solutions for your unique needs.

This technology eliminates the need to have generic, poor-fitting bridges or crowns placed while you wait for your customized pieces to be created by a reference laboratory. Instead, you can walk out of our office with the confident smile of your dreams within a few hours.

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The VELscope is a life-saving piece of technology that Ascent Family Dental is pleased to offer. We use this non-invasive tool during every oral exam to screen patients for early oral cancer abnormalities. Dental care is not confined to the teeth—Dr. Williams will scan your gums, tongue, lips, cheeks, and pharyngeal area for any early indicators of cancer.

The VELscope emits a safe blue light within your mouth that illuminates tissues. Based on the color of the tissues, Dr. Williams can determine whether there are abnormalities then make necessary recommendations for further diagnostics. Many of these abnormalities cannot be visualized by the naked eye, which is why the VELscope is such a powerful tool. Early screening of oral abnormalities can protect you from life-threatening oral cancers.

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Advanced Technology with Your Future in Mind

Ascent Family Dental remains up to date with technological advances within the dental industry. Our team undergoes special training for each piece of equipment to ensure your care and safety.

Through innovative tools, you can enjoy a comfortable experience and a confident smile that will last for years to come. If you have any questions about our advanced dental equipment or process, please call our knowledgeable team today.