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Many people go to the dentist intending to create or regain a confident smile. Straightening one’s teeth may be a part of this treatment plan. There are other options for discrete teeth straightening for those who do not want to pursue traditional braces. Clear Correct is an excellent option for teens and adults alike.

What Is Clear Correct?

Clear Correct is a series of plastic dental trays designed to straighten teeth over time. They make the orthodontic process of teeth straightening convenient, comfortable, and discrete. Clear Correct wearers can remove the dental trays for short periods while eating, which means you no longer have to suffer from popcorn kernels and other tricky food items getting stuck in traditional braces.

This innovative type of teeth straightening uses continuous pressure via the plastic trays to shift teeth over time safely. Most patients see faster results with less discomfort compared to traditional braces. The discrete trays are free of brackets or wires, which means no sore spots on your lips, cheeks, or tongue.

What Can Clear Correct Do?

Clear Correct aligners can:

  • Discreetly and invisibly straighten your teeth.
  • Allow you to eat sticky or hard foods that would otherwise be “off-limits” with the wires and brackets of traditional braces.
  • Make brushing and cleaning easy.

Clear Correct Vs. Traditional Braces

Clear Correct can be used in nearly every case as an alternative to traditional braces. The clear trays are more aesthetically pleasing, easier to clean, and more comfortable than traditional braces options. Clear Correct offers a custom fit to your unique teeth and, therefore, provides users with even better results than braces.

Clear Correct, however, may not be ideal for every individual. Some cases involving complex alignment or bite issues may warrant traditional braces. Dr. Williams can discuss which would be the best fit for you.

Clear Correct Vs. Invisalign

Many people confuse Clear Correct treatment with Invisalign, as they both involve a series of clear aligners to shift teeth. Although the process for both is similar, Clear Correct does have some benefits over Invisalign.

Clear Correct aligner trays are significantly more invisible than Invisalign trays and stay as such longer. Invisalign aligners tend to cloud over time, whereas Clear Correct are resistant to clouding from wear.

The length of time a patient should wear the aligners depends heavily on the complexity of the case; therefore, one does not have a clear benefit over the other. Invisalign treatment involves 20 to 30 aligners for completion, whereas Clear Correct can be completed in 12 up to 32 steps, based on the patient.

Both solutions require a 3D mold of the mouth in order to create customized aligners for the patient.

Who Can Benefit From Clear Correct?

Any teenager, young adult, or adult who would like a more confident smile can benefit from Clear Correct. The orthodontic conditions that Clear Correct can address ineligible individuals include:

  • Overbite
  • Underbite
  • Spaces between teeth
  • Crowded teeth
  • Crooked teeth
  • Rotated teeth

Clear Correct is not ideal for children or young teens who do not have all their molars yet. Older adults with complex dental cases may not be ideal candidates for this treatment option and should consult with Dr. Williams about alternate solutions.

What To Expect From Clear Correct Treatment

To begin the process for Clear Correct, Dr. Williams must take an impression of your mouth. This impression will be sent out to a specialized dental laboratory, where a model of your mouth will be created. The lab will create a final model portraying how your straightened teeth will look from this initial model. Based on these two models, the gradual steps of your Clear Correct process are determined, and your aligners created.

The day you present to Ascent Dental for your Clear Correct treatment, Dr. Williams will use a putty material in trays to create the impression. You will be asked to hold the trays in your mouth for several seconds to minutes in order to obtain a high-quality mold. That’s it! He may also take radiographs of your jaw and teeth to send to the outside laboratory. The radiographs are completely painless, and you will be given special garments designed to protect you from the mild amount of radiation released from the X-rays.

After the laboratory has created your customized aligners, Dr. Williams will receive the set of trays. He will schedule an appointment for you to be fitted for your first tray. He will confirm that it fits comfortably before beginning your Clear Correct treatment. You will wear each aligner for three weeks before switching to the next step. You will receive these aligners sequentially throughout your treatment. They are designed to slowly shift your teeth into the desired position. Dr. Williams will likely recommend routine check-ups to confirm that your teeth are moving safely and ensure that the treatment is working.

How Long Does Clear Correct Treatment Take?

The length of time you will be required to wear aligners depends on the complexity of your case. Some patients must wear aligner trays for up to one year, whereas some cases may take up to two years of trays. Dr. Williams and the specialized dental laboratory will determine the best plan for your specific teeth.

Cost Of Clear Correct

Clear Correct aligner treatment can vary in price based on the severity and complexity of the alignment issue it is designed to resolve. Clear Correct treatments may range from $2,500 to $5,500 based on the patient. Some dental health insurance plans may cover a portion of or the entire cost of Clear Correct treatment. Reach out to your dental insurance provider to inquire about what your plan covers.

Discreet Teeth Straightening Options In Greely, Co

Ascent Family Dental is pleased to offer the innovative Clear Correct aligning solution to our community. If you are ready to regain your confident smile with discrete, invisible aligners, reach out to our compassionate team to get started with the Clear Correct process today.

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