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Advancements in dental technology offer innovative solutions for safe, pain-free dentistry. The Wand is one such piece of equipment that provides Ascent Family Dental patients with a comfortable experience. Rather than using a long needle and syringe to administer dental anesthetics prior to a procedure, the same method dentists have used for 150 years, The Wand allows Dr. Williams to numb an area without the discomfort of a shot.

Those with a fear of needles or pain can rest easy knowing that their experience at our facility will be comfortable—down to the numbing procedure. The Wand can even numb a single tooth! This means you’ll never have to unnecessarily suffer from numb lips, tongue, and cheeks for a small dental procedure. 

What Is The Wand?

The Wand is an innovative solution designed to quickly and comfortably administer local anesthetic prior to a dental procedure. This device resembles a pencil that uses technology to detect tissue and administer the dental numbing agent one drop at a time.

Much of the discomfort associated with the injectable numbing solution comes from the process of manually pushing the liquid into the gum tissue—the rate of flow is often too much or too little and results in pain. With The Wand, the microprocessor within the unit detects tissue as the device enters the area and releases the anesthetic at the correct speed, which numbs the tissue as the The Wand moves through it. This enables Dr. Williams to use a smaller amount of numbing solution and direct it to a specific region of the mouth. He can numb a single tooth if he needs to, providing you with appropriate comfort in the area of concern but leaving you with feeling in your tongue, lips, jaw, and entire face.

Benefits Of The Wand

This innovative device provides a number of advantages over the traditional needle-and-syringe method of numbing the mouth, including:

  • More comfortable numbing. Numbing of the dental area is often more intimidating and uncomfortable than the dental procedure itself. This is due to the rate of flow of the numbing solution when administered through a traditional needle. The Wand releases anesthetic drop-by-drop, providing patients with a comfortable experience.
  • Precise numbing of the tooth. You’ll never have to worry about leaving our office with a numb face for a minor procedure as The Wand can numb a single tooth if needed. The device releases a specific amount of anesthetic in the area of Dr. Williams’ choosing.
  • Less intimidating aesthetic. The Wand resembles a pencil and therefore does not trigger those who fear needles or injections.
  • Smaller amount of anesthetic. When numbed with The Wand, you will only experience numbing in the area that Dr. Williams will work on rather than your entire tongue, lips, and cheek areas. This allows us to use a much smaller amount of numbing agent as opposed to going the traditional route.

Conquer Dental Phobias With The Wand

Individuals who have a fear of needles or injections benefit greatly from The Wand. The device handpiece resembles a pencil which eases the fears of those with dental phobias. The advanced wand numbs the tissues as it enters the area, meaning you’ll be comfortable as Dr. Williams gently blocks the tooth and surrounding gum tissue. It drips the local anesthetic drop-by-drop providing you with immediate and lasting comfort. Ascent Family Dental is pleased to offer The Wand for a pain-free and safe experience.

How Does The Wand Work?

The Wand system functions thanks to a computerized microprocessor that detects tissue material. It slowly releases drops of local anesthetic which numb the area as it enters. The Wand hardware delivers the perfect volume of the numbing agent at the perfect speed, providing patients with pain-free and precise numbing.

What To Expect From The Wand

When you arrive for your dental procedure, Dr. Williams will answer any questions before gently numbing the area of concern. Whether it’s a cavity filling or root canal, The Wand provides safe and comfortable numbing.

Dr. Williams will prep The Wand to ensure it is thoroughly sanitized and contains a new cartridge of local anesthetic. He then uses the slender handheld wand to target the area where he will work. As the wand contacts the gums and tissue, the microprocessor identifies the membrane and releases the anesthetic one drop at a time. The area is numbed as The Wand enters the tissue, leaving you comfortable during the numbing process. The entire numbing process should take no more than a few minutes. 

After Dr. Williams has targeted all necessary tissues, he will leave you for a short time to allow the numbing agent to take full effect. Unless Dr. Williams feels it is necessary, you should not experience any numbing in your tongue, lips, or cheeks. As soon as the local  numbing anesthetic has taken full effect, he will begin the dental procedure. You will be pain-free and completely comfortable throughout the entire experience.

Pain-free Dentistry At Ascent Family Dental With The Wand

Ascent Family Dental is thrilled to offer comfortable and fear-free numbing with The Wand. This innovative tool uses a smaller amount of anesthetic leaving you numb in only the desired places—say goodbye to a numb face, lips, and tongue for hours following your dental procedure. Now, you can experience comfort through any dental procedure at Ascent Family Dental. Contact our team to learn more about The Wand and schedule your safe, comfortable dental visit. 

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