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Dental procedures can be intimidating to many patients. However, with advanced technology, Ascent Family Dental’s professional team can make your experience as comfortable as possible. A soft tissue laser is an innovative tool that can eliminate the need for noisy drills or painful scalpels. When you present to Ascent Family Dental for your next dental procedure, be sure to inquire about the use of the soft tissue laser.

What Is Soft Tissue Laser Dentistry?

A soft tissue laser is a device that emits a focused beam of light. As implied by the name, a soft tissue laser targets the soft tissues of the mouth. Dr. Williams may use a soft tissue laser to remove unwanted lumps or bumps of soft tissue, eliminate infected tissues, reshape gums, or seal nerve endings and blood vessels.

It’s a powerful tool that helps tremendously with oral surgeries at Ascent Family Dental. The soft tissue laser can cut tissues more precisely than a traditional scalpel and prevent the destruction of the surrounding tissues, allowing for more rapid recovery.

Advantages Of Soft Tissue Laser Treatment

Among the benefits of using a soft tissue laser in practice are:

  • Precise control. While using a soft tissue laser, Dr. Williams has more precise control over his techniques as opposed to a traditional scalpel. He can focus the laser directly and reshape or create incisions with greater precision.
  • Speedy recovery time. Traditional dentistry methods can often cause trauma to the surrounding tissues, extending the recovery time for patients. However, the soft tissue laser actually promotes tissue regeneration, allowing patients to enjoy a faster recovery time.
  • Decreased chance of bleeding. The soft tissue laser seals blood vessels and nerve endings as it moves through the tissues, reducing the risk of bleeding. As a result, most patients experience little to no bleeding after a procedure with the soft tissue laser.
  • Reduced swelling. Considering the soft tissue laser is so precise and does not traumatize surrounding tissues when used, patients experience far less swelling compared to a procedure with traditional dental instruments.
  • Lower risk of infection. A laser is one of the most sterile tools a dental professional can use on a patient. The laser destroys bacteria as it comes into contact with tissues.
  • Elevated comfort. Your comfort is our priority at Ascent Family Dental. Overall, patients enjoy a more comfortable experience with a soft tissue laser. It is precise, has a reduced risk of bleeding or swelling, and significantly reduces the risk of post-operative infections.

Soft Tissue Laser Vs. Hard Tissue Laser

The soft tissue and hard tissue laser differ based on the type of structure they target. Soft tissue lasers are used on soft tissues including the gingiva and gums, whereas hard tissue lasers are used on hard structures like teeth, roots, and bone.

Dr. Williams may use both types of lasers during a dental procedure if he must work with both soft tissue structures and hard tissues.

Who Can Benefit From Soft Tissue Laser Treatment?

Any Ascent Family Dental patient undergoing a dental procedure will benefit from the gentle soft tissue laser. Regardless of your age, oral health status, or overall health, the soft tissue laser can improve your dental experience. It provides patients with a comfortable experience and helps reduce the risk of postoperative complications, including infections, bleeding, or swelling.

Considering the soft tissue laser cauterizes tissues as it moves through them, many patients do not have sutures (stitches) placed. This eliminates another trip to the dentist to remove the sutures and can make dental recovery even more comfortable.

What To Expect From Soft Tissue Laser Therapy

When you present to Ascent Family Dental for a procedure involving the soft tissue laser, Dr. Williams and his compassionate team will answer any questions you might have before the process.

  • Dr. Williams will provide you with protective eyewear to place over your eyes and/or existing glasses. This measure is critical to prevent damage to your eyes from the laser.
  • Depending on the severity and extent of your procedure, Dr. Williams may or may not numb your gums and surrounding tissues. However, because the soft tissue laser is so precise, does not traumatize surrounding tissues, and reduces swelling, the pain level with this type of instrument is significantly reduced.
  • If Dr. Williams does feel it is necessary to use a local anesthetic medication, he will gently administer this numbing agent. The area should be completely numb and painless within several minutes.
  • Dr. Williams will then begin the procedure with the soft tissue laser. The discrete instrument can easily access even the most hidden areas of the mouth. Dr. Williams will communicate which areas he is working and advise if you should rotate your head or widen your jaw.
  • Enjoy the comfort and innovation of this advanced tool.

Soft Tissue Laser Safety

The soft tissue laser emits light which can be harmful to the eyes. Ascent Family Dental takes all necessary precautions to ensure you remain safe and comfortable during your dental procedure.

We carry all sizes of protective eyewear designed specifically for this procedure. Our team will fit you properly with the appropriate eyewear—you may wear them over your own glasses if you wish.

Not only do all patients undergoing soft tissue laser therapy wear protective eyewear, but our entire team does as well. We care about your safety as well as the safety of our staff.

Versatile Laser-assisted Treatment In Greeley, Co

With the ability to reduce bleeding and swelling, procedures involving the soft tissue laser are far more comfortable. At Ascent Family Dental, your comfort and safety are our top priorities. We ensure you stay safe during the soft tissue laser procedure with the necessary eyewear.

Enjoy a comfortable experience and improved recovery with the soft tissue laser.  Should you have any questions regarding this advanced technology or any other tools or methods, please contact our knowledgeable team today.

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