Laughing Gas


Are you anxious about your next trip to the dentist? Nitrous oxide (better known as laughing gas) can help relax you. During your dental treatment, nitrous oxide is administered through a scented nose piece, and it typically creates a feeling of relaxation.

This sedation dentistry tool has been around for centuries it was first applied in dentistry in Hartford, Connecticut in 1844.

Not all dentists in the Ascent Family Dental area have nitrous oxide available in their offices or are qualified to administer it. We are pleased to make it available to our patients.

Ensuring That You Have A Comfortable Visit

To ensure that you have a great visit every time you come to the dentist, we also offer music and headphones for your enjoyment. We have LCD televisions mounted on the ceilings of each of our treatment rooms. In addition, we tailor the dental procedure and pace to your needs. Before we ever begin treatment our qualified staff explain all of the steps thoroughly and allow time for questions.